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February 21 2017

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myślę o nim dniami i nocami
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May 21 2015





even the princesses fangirl over peter

except aurora 

that bitch be faithful

look at phillip though

can you blame her?

Phillip could get the business.

So I went to Disney about a month ago and i got to meet aurora. she asked me and my mom if there were any “princes’” with us today. When I told her that I leaned more toward princesses she looked over at Cinderella sighed and replied with “yeah me too” and I think about that a lot.

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April 21 2015

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April 16 2015

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March 31 2015

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March 30 2015

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March 18 2015

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The end of fairytale by Dina Goldstein
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January 10 2015

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January 09 2015

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October 07 2014

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*A przynajmniej kilka razy <3
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September 02 2014

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July 20 2014

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July 13 2014

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June 30 2014

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June 02 2014

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